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Break Out To Break Through: 7 Uncomfortable Steps To Take To Achieve Success

Break Out To Break Through: 7 Uncomfortable Steps To Take To Achieve Success

We have all experienced the feeling of discomfort.

Just think back to school, when you had to give that dreaded five-minute speech. You are on deck to present to a room full of peers. Your heart starts beating fast; your adrenaline begins to rush. Once your palms start to sweat, you contemplate whether or not the task you are about to perform is actually worth the risk.

Even Jerry Seinfeld experienced discomfort before his first-ever comedy gig. On the evening of June 28, 1976, after rehearsing in front of friends for weeks, the nervous 22-year-old walked onstage at a New York City comedy club.

Once the bright lights turned on, he completely flopped. He froze, couldn’t remember his topics and hurried offstage, all within 90 seconds.

“I couldn’t even speak,” Seinfeld said, “I was so paralyzed in total fear.”

The easy route for Seinfeld would have been to never again try stand-up comedy after that disastrous first performance. Instead, he took the uncomfortable route.

He continued with standup until he perfected his craft. He loved comedy and knew that the route for achieving success would, at times, be uncomfortable.

His critically acclaimed stand-up performances led to better gigs, which led to television appearances, which, of course, led to the famous show, “Seinfeld.” The sitcom would go on to earn $2.7 billion in reruns alone and go down in history as one of America’s favorite programs.

It is easy to get stuck in a routine and not take risks. Start doing something new every day that will excite you and get your heart racing.

By incorporating seven uncomfortable steps into your everyday life, you will start to see more opportunities present themselves on your way to achieving success.

Talk To A Stranger

If you are into video production and see a camera crew shooting a commercial in a nearby building, stop over and talk to a member of the production team during a break.

It might feel uncomfortable at first, but you never know where the conversation may lead. This crew might need assistance for their next shoot, and now could be the perfect opportunity for you to get your foot in the door!

Make it a priority to strike up a meaningful conversation with at least one stranger per day. You will be amazed by how good you will feel and how much you can learn by just sticking your neck out there and talking to someone new and interesting.

If you stick with this plan, you will have met 365 new people throughout the course of the year. Who knows where one of these new connections could take you.

Reach Out To Someone You Admire

You have been reading fashion blogs over the past few years and continue to find wardrobe inspiration from a certain trendy blogger. You like the content so much that you have contemplated starting your own blog!

Find this blogger’s contact information and reach out to him or her! Tell the blogger how much inspiration his or her articles have given you. You will be pleasantly surprised by how often someone will appreciate the kind words and respond to you.

Whether the response is through a tweet or an email, hearing back from someone to whom you look up can provide you with a huge boost of motivation.

If you are in the same city, be even bolder and ask this person if he or she wants to meet up at Starbucks. Reaching out to an admirer can lead to unbelievable connections and life advice you will never forget.

Attend A Networking Event

Sure, networking events can be stuffy, but they can also provide you with the opportunity to meet new people who have many connections.

You can tell a room full of networkers about exciting new projects on which you have been working and inform them of your unique skillset. At the same time, you can sit back and learn valuable advice from veterans within your industry.

You never know when the business card you handed out over a beer at happy hour will lead to the next big client or job interview! Life is a numbers game. The more people you meet, the more opportunities will present themselves.

Write A Journal Entry Each Day

John Quincy Adams, Ronald Reagan and Stevie Nicks all kept diaries, so what is holding you back?

Start jotting down your thoughts and activities in your life each and every day. Whether it is a personal or business endeavor that is on your mind, put pen to some paper.

At first, it will feel uncomfortable to express all of your feelings. But, over time, it will become extremely beneficial and work well as a stress reliever. states, “There is increasing evidence to support the notion that journaling has a positive impact on physical well-being.”

You can learn a lot from going back in time and looking through all of your journal entries. You will be able to see the growth you have achieved and remember both the good and bad times in your business and personal endeavors.

Send A Thank You Note

Call me old-fashioned, but when I receive a thank you note, I remember it for a very long time.

Taking the time to send out a handwritten thank you note will leave a long-lasting impression. Whether someone referred you to a new client, helped you out with a project or sent you a gift, a thank you note is a kind and generous way to show your appreciation.

Being old-fashioned still has some benefits! Don’t be surprised if you get a big order from a client after you send a nice follow-up note.

Start An Experiment

Each week, think of a new project you can launch, big or small.

If you don’t send any email blasts out for your company, start adding this to the mix on a weekly basis. If you think a happy hour could boost the morale of your coworkers, suggest it to the team!

When you try something new, there will be a sense of excitement, and you’ll be eager to test it out to see the results.

This could potentially make a big difference in your line of work and provide you with a sense of entrepreneurship. Sometimes, these projects will fail, but at least you tried, right? Experimenting will get you amped up to go into your workplace each and every day.

Change Your Routine

If you typically go to the gym after work and have very little spare time in the evening, change up your schedule! Start setting your alarm earlier and go to the gym before work.

You might just find that the extra time after work is exactly what you need in order to spend more time with your friends!

It is hard to change your routine. Many experts say changing a habit takes between 21 to 30 days. But, if you put your mind to it, the discomfort of changing your routine can lead to great results in your life.

American Philosopher Amos Bronson Alcott said, “The less routine, the more life.” Don’t get stuck in a rut; changing your routine up will lead to more exciting results.

Jerry Seinfeld said, “To me, if life boils down to one thing, it’s movement. To live is to keep moving.”

Seinfeld continued to move, even after he flopped during his first stand-up performance. If you change your routine and make your workweek more challenging, the results will start moving in the right direction, too.


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