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5 Steps: The Mindset You Need For Success

5 Steps: The Mindset You Need For Success

Have you ever thought what makes successful people successful in the first place? Tried to pinpoint the traits or qualifications they naturally possess or obtained?

Do they have their masters or a PHD, are they naturally charismatic and engaging? A certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ you simply can’t isolate and imitate?

Whilst there is without a doubt an element of privilege that can escalate individuals to positons of power, and systemic barriers that impact the availability and ease in which others can also reach such positions… Remember that some of the most successful business people have achieved major success despite facing major adversity and disadvantages…

It seems that people in positions of power, being deserving or otherwise… have an element of charisma and a magnetism that is unexplainable. People often say ‘you either have it, or you don’t’.

But is this true? Is your potential to achieve dependant on a genetic predisposition to business success? Certainly not. Here are 5 mindsets that successful business people adhere to….

1. Be Proactive and hard working. Be persistent and have a very clear indication of what you need to be doing to get where you want to be. But remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t view your dreams as having an ultimate end ‘goal’. Your path to success is a journey, hard work and determination will reward you along the way.

2. Passion. You have to truly want it. No one is ever going to want something for yourself as much as you want it for yourself. If you want it, you need to be the person to make it happen. If you don’t truly want what you’re striving for, the journey ahead is going to be extremely turbulent and a major emotional strain. Work towards something you care about.

3. Come to terms with failure. Thomas Edison said “I failed my way to success”, so accept that you’re most likely going to have to take one step forward and three steps back… and on more than one occasion, but that’s OK. Instead, start to perceive ‘failure’ as a step towards success. Don’t harbour your failures as an indication that you should give up. Utilise it as a tool, a learning lesson in which you gained wisdom and experience. Our failures make us strong, resilient and proficient.

4. Learn. Never close yourself off from learning new things. To stop doing so will put you in a stagnant state, completely closed off from both personal and business development and growth. We often reject and minimise the value of new information. We do this because the idea of a shift in what we’ve always known to operate in a certain way – then changing… can be unsettling. It’s integral to accept and adopt new methods, skills and knowledge.

5. Abandon any sense of entitlement. We all do this to varying degrees. Especially when we put time and effort into tasks and people… we feel as though these people, or the world – owes us something in return. Don’t be so reliant on the people around you, whether it be a service, motivation, opportunity, etc. It all has to come from within yourself.

So remember that your mindset and persistence is essential before undertaking any business endeavour. As Winston Churchill said “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”