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The Benefits of Failure

The Benefits of Failure

The word ‘failure’ seems to accompany no sense of hope, growth or learning. The very definition of failure is ‘lack of success’ -not very uplifting is it….

So what could the potential benefits of failure be, and where would we be, who would we be without it?

Success is a product of failure.

In reality, failure is one of the most constructive human experiences we can endure. The feelings associated with failure are far from pleasant. Failure often induces feelings of guilt, disappointment, depression, anxiety, even a deep sense of self-loathing. But – most importantly it builds resilience, the ability to bounce back.

  • Process & Take Responsibility

Whilst constructive, it has the potential to be extremely destructive to our psyche. Make sure you manipulate your failures to benefit you. Whilst its normal and healthy to ‘grieve’ a failure, do not dwell on it or allow it to discourage you. Process it, learn from your mistakes and move forward with the knowledge your failure has allowed you to obtain. Take responsibility of the experience, and do not let it throw you off course or feel ashamed. Never disregard the of a gravity failure, not in the negative sense, but in fully embracing what it equipped you with.


  • Free Yourself

Failure should ignite your creativity, to find new means to execute your plans. Failure is also freeing; it should teach you to be ok with being vulnerable. You aren’t perfect nor are you indestructible, coming to terms with the reality of this unshackles you from self-imposed, or outside expectations and pressures to be perfect. It also gives you clarity. You can more easily focus on what can be dismissed as trivial, and what should be given more attention.


  • Credibility & Character

Failure also shifts other’s perspective of you as more credible. Whilst it might seem you would lose credibility for your faults… the reality is that over time, you will learn to avoid and become hyper-aware of them. Making mistakes is humbling, it keeps you from developing an inflated sense of self-importance, arrogance or superiority, all traits that unfortunately can result from success and are extremely detrimental to your self-image. Making mistakes builds character.


  • Learn

Lastly, you develop an appreciation and respect for learning. There is always room to expand your depth of knowledge and experience. Failure is a learning tool, the outcome being growth of knowledge, understanding and experience. It is often an indication what paths you should go down. It focuses your pathways so that you can alter your routes or avoid any hazards to take the path you desire successfully. In turn, your ability to lead, mentor, direct and advise sky-rockets. Successful people are not immune to error. We all make them, those who overcome them are those who are truly successful, the strongest indication of such people are how they react, respond and manage slip-ups.

Failure is an incredibly malleable emotion and experience. It can be twisted and contorted to serve you, as opposed to having a negative impact.