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4 Steps to a Positive Workplace

Establishing a positive workplace environment is easier said than done. It can be difficult to sustain a consistently positive atmosphere. But it is vital that you do, it benefits the employer, employees, and the overall success of the business.  …

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Igniting Our Potential – Ego & Accountability

Do you find yourself saying things like ‘if I had tried, I would have graduated top of my class’, ‘if I really wanted to I could be CEO’, ‘I could do a better job than __ if I was ready’?…

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Singletasking & the Multi-Tasking Myth

The concept of singletasking is likely new to you. At its core, it relates to the notion of focus. In that, it forces you to devote particular focus into singular tasks – whether those tasks be work related or otherwise.…

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Effective Networking Strategies

In the corporate world, the common consensus surrounding networking is that it’s more of a burden than a blessing. Making small talk, exchanging business cards and putting time into relationships that never seem to go anywhere – it makes sense…

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How to Shake Up Your Business

If you find your business is in a stagnant state – then it’s time to shift focus. Although shifting focus and progress can seem daunting, it is often the step you need to take you further your business and get…

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How to Overcome Procrastination

What is procrastination? Procrastination is the process of avoiding vital important tasks or chores by occupying yourself with something comfortable and easy. We fear the distress and stress, or difficulty associated, so we distract ourselves with something that will give…

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3 Common Business Mistakes and How to Learn From Them

Any seasoned business owner would be quite aware of the fact that nobody’s perfect, themselves included. They have undoubtedly made countless errors and learnt many a lesson from them, most of which the majority of us will thankfully never have…

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Keep Your Company Running Smoothly

A business owner knows better than anyone just how much damage can be done due to a company’s failure to recover from a bump in the road. It is expected that you and your business are going to encounter new…

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Get the Most Out of Your Meetings

If there’s one thing business owners and employees can agree on, it is a shared hatred for meetings. Meetings can easily seem to drag on forever, accomplish nothing and be a huge waste of time. Nevertheless, they can also be…

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