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Social Media and Business Success

Social Media and Business Success

There is no longer any doubt that social media has a profound impact on the growth and success of small businesses. It can rapidly evoke mass frenzy and popularity over businesses that would have otherwise relied on word of mouth and had limited reach. We used it to distribute information and update consumers, to create a personalised image and escalate visibility.

Many successful business have caught on to the integral importance and immense power of social media and its impact on business growth. However, many struggle to apply the reach and publicity that social media provides, to become an effective communicative tool to noticeably advance their business.

While businesses now know that the key to harnessing the power of social media, is to frequently and consistently post updates, there still appears to be a major flaw in this approach which would allow businesses to progress. The most prominent oversight appears to be the lack of engagement via their social media platform.

The solution? To interact in a meaningful way through these platforms. As opposed to exclusively transmitting repetitive information, conditioning those viewing it to skip past it.

More specifically, to answer customer enquiries, messages and questions. The result will be a larger following and a reputation for excellent customer service. It also means an increasingly personalised approach to broadcasting information. These factors must be prioritised over mindless self-promotion. Make sure that whatever is broadcasted, serves a purpose to a consumer that is relevant. If more often than not, the nature of what is broadcasted is of no real value to a consumer, then it is time to reevaluate what will be of use to them.

In an age where we are all so seemingly over saturated with tweets, and Facebook posts-  very little attention is payed to monotonous and tedious posts that explicitly serve the business, and by extension profit… instead of the consumer.

When considering your social media approach, you need to create a balance between promoting your business objective, and expressing it in a way that entirely serves the client. Create a platform where the queries on these platforms are of equal importance to traditional forms of communication. It is also important to keep in mind that your presence and tone online parallels with your overall business image. It is vital that your business is perceived in a manner that is authentic to what your business actually is.

In doing all this, you will maximise the potential social media can have on the success of your business.