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The Power Is In Your Hands: How Success Is Just A Series Of Good Choices

The Power Is In Your Hands: How Success Is Just A Series Of Good Choices

Choices: We make them every day, every second. We choose what to wear, whom we affiliate with, how we act and react. Most people don’t seem to realize it, but where you are in your life as a young adult is no longer from the trickle effect of the hand that you were dealt as a child.

It is the direct result and culmination of all the choices that you have made up until this point in time. You have to take responsibility for where you are from your choices, and that is the result of now being a fully functioning adult.

If you are at the end of your college journey or already in the work force, you are coming to the realization that you might not be where you thought you would be. Whose fault is that? Yours.

I am sick and tired of hearing our generation bitch about how hard the workforce is. Yes, granted it is very tough and extremely competitive because employers can choose from the best of the best, but there is a way around this: Become the best of the best.

Luck in your career is very hard to find nowadays. Successful individuals don’t just help the next guy they feel bad for like they do in the movies, you have to create your own luck.

That’s another choice; you have to choose to reach out to those in your industry and ask for help because they won’t come to you. Even if you get 100 nos, one yes can make the ultimate difference. Make a choice to have a thick skin and know that if you really want your ideal career, you can have it.

A mentor once told me the key to success is to be like moss. Be everywhere and say yes to everything. Jump on every opportunity, even if you have to do it for free. Those are choices that you, and only you can make.

If you want that dream internship or job, do research. Make a choice to set aside time, and instead of watching Netflix, make a killer resume and cover letter.

Stalk people on LinkedIn, find other windows you can crawl through that can open the door to the opportunity of a lifetime. Every choice that you make should be toward your goals.

This is not only in your career, but in every aspect of your life. If you want to do well on a test, make the choice to study your ass off with no distractions. If you want to lose weight or get fit, make the choice to go to the gym and eat right.

If you are not willing to make that choice, then choose to be happy with where you are at. Because happiness is also a choice.

You can have everything that you want in life, all you have to do is make the choice that nothing will stop you until you get it. You are your only obstacle, and today, YOU can make the choice to accomplish everything that you could ever want out of life.

So good luck my fellow Gen-Yers, and thank you for choosing to read this.


*Original Article by Alexandra Elich:

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