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How to Hire Good Employees

How to Hire Good Employees

No lone person, no matter how determined and skilled they may be, is able to single handily pioneer a successful company. Every great boss knows that their company is thriving due to the work of its employees. Likewise, every employee who is part of a successful company is aware that they achieved their success through collaboration.

Even if you are one of the lucky few who are able to materialise their ideas without the help of a team behind you, eventually you will come to realise that the task of running a business is much too large for a single person to handle alone. You can embrace that inevitability when you absolutely must, or you can choose to do it now – either way the fact remains true – successful businesses require employees.

Not only do successful businesses require employees, but the right kind of employees. The kind of people you hire to work under you will directly impact or hinder the potential of your company. If you’re a small company, it can be tempting to hire the first few people who show interest. This is often done out of fear, that your company won’t do well, wont progress, and you’ll struggle to build enough interest in your brand.

The irony of the situation, is that not making a conscious effort in who you hire (especially at the beginning) will increase the likelihood of these fears becoming realised. Whilst hiring off the bat might make you feel more secure and relieve you of the stress and strain of interviewing numerous candidates, its ultimately not going to amount to much other than disappointment. You cannot afford to be carrying dead weight, especially as a small business.

In today’s climate, hiring the best suited individuals is more important than ever. You cannot afford to lose your time, money or fall short of your goals due to poor hiring decisions. The costs involved to find and keep the ‘perfect’ employees are also high, but it’s undoubtedly worth it. You should be viewing your potential employees as investments.

The process of hiring good employees involves a lot of trial and error. Sometimes you will hire the right people at the wrong time, sometimes you will make mistakes and over or underestimate someone’s potential. However, the good news is, the only thing standing in the way of you having a great team made up of exceptional employees is how you go about hiring them.

There is much more to hiring good employees than looking for the candidate with the best skills, experience and how well they match the job description. Here are some tips on how to ensure you’re hiring the best employees you can:


  • Make a clear outline of what you’re looking for

This first one may seem painfully obvious, but it is extremely important. Ensure you fully understand the requirements of the position you want filled. What kind of personality would suit this job? How much experience do they require? What degree of education should they possess? In order to determine these attributes, you have to analyse the position. The deeper your understanding of your own wants, needs, and requirements for the position, the easier it will be to recognise those who have the potential to meet your expectations.

  • Take a collaborative approach

It might be worth seeking the opinions of those around you when it comes to making new additions to your team. Not only are they presumably going to have to work alongside the likely employee, but they can offer up valuable opinions and insight. Having a few of your existing team aid you in the hiring process is a great way to gain access to a variety of viewpoints. It also ensures that you as a boss remain accountable, open, and honest during the interviewing process.

Having different perspectives on a future hire allows you to ensure that you aren’t missing anything in terms of their potential or what others may see in that person. It’s extremely easy to overlook some great personal qualities, especially when the stress of the entire interviewing process is on your shoulders. This way you are able to have a wide range of opinions, test how well a candidate will mesh into your company culture, and relieve you of some of the burden that is hiring the right employees!

  • Make an effort to see beyond the paper

Some people simply do not ‘test’ well, just as some who appear perfect on paper, struggle to keep up when they are put into the workplace. As important as it is to have clear and defined outlines of what you’re looking for, don’t allow them to be so strict that you overlook great personal qualities, and rob you of hiring a brilliant employee. If you feel that someone is a fit for your company, they’re a fit – whether or not they meet each and every requirement. As mentioned above, employees are investments. In that sense, you want them to be able to grow, and you need them to be capable in a malleable way. These qualities aren’t necessary compatible with what you might have expected. Don’t be afraid to trust your instincts.

  • Widen your search

Recruit far and wide. Set up social media campaigns, newspaper ads, contact universities etc. etc. etc. Don’t limit the scope of candidates by searching too narrowly. It can be easy to succumb to pressures or outside advice, especially when you’re starting small. You may be put off by hiring University students, or you only wish to hire individuals with credentials from a certain institution. These are trivial factors that don’t necessarily equate to good employees that will aid in the success of your business. Take as much time as you need, and take every avenue available to you to ensure you are not limiting your options. It’s highly unlikely your star employees are going to lie in such a niche area of the job market.

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