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Excuse buster: Dealing with the word ‘how’

Excuse buster: Dealing with the word ‘how’

In business, the word ‘how’ can fuel procrastination and inaction. Deal with it correctly though, and the opposite will happen.



When starting or expanding your business, do you get bogged down in the details of ‘how’ to do certain things?

  • How do I start a business?
  • How do I manage a business?
  • How do I implement systems?
  • How will I deal with growth?
  • How am I going to go from here to there?


It doesn’t actually matter.

“ Show me conclusively that you’re not using it as an excuse, and I will run naked down the CBD main street.  ”

I mean, of course it does.

But aren’t you using the ‘how’ as an excuse to either not get started, stay dormant or move slower than is necessary?

Show me conclusively that you’re not using it as an excuse, and I will run naked down the CBD main street.  

Tell me this…

When you knew you wanted to drive a car, did you know how to drive? Wasn’t the only thing you knew, the only thing you were certain of, the fact that you wanted your licence?

You didn’t know how to drive a car so you learned. You read a manual, took a test, organised lessons and roped people into teaching you. You didn’t allow lack of knowledge or the concept of how, stop you. You simply took the necessary steps to learn.

It’s no different with business.

How to move forward

You need to gather support, ask people to teach you (like hiring a coach or mentor), ask questions, take courses, get in, get your hands dirty and make a start.

Have you always wanted to start your own business or take your business to the next level? Well, your exciting and more fulfilling life is waiting for you, and it doesn’t care that you don’t know everything yet.

So what steps do you take next? The answer is, any step.

And what if it’s the wrong step? Well, that’s the thing, it can never be wrong – it’s just another lesson in refining your path.

Just keep moving.

Sure, ask ‘how’, but find out the answers, take action and move forward.

The word ‘how’ no longer needs to stop you from moving forward; embrace it, and it will drive positive change in your life.


Do you think getting bogged down in how to do things can lead to procrastination and inaction?


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