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Are You Cheerful Enough To Be In Charge?

If you want to be a successful leader, you’re going to need to stick on a happy face! You’re hardworking, on-the-ball and get on with your staff – but would you be a more effective manager if you tried harder…

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Want To Own A Fast-Food Franchise?

Who’s game enough to own a fast-food franchise? Often demonised as unhealthy and evil, the fast-food business is not for the faint-hearted. McDonald’s franchise owner James Currie knows the ups and downs of life in the fast-food lane. Currie went…

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The 25 Best Sectors To Be In For The Next 20 Years

Deloitte has tipped the 25 highest growth sectors of Australia’s economy for the next 20 years, which the professional services firm expects will add $400 billion to gross domestic product over that period. As the current growth wave of mining subsides,…

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15,000 Australians Hold Anti-Budget Protest in Melbourne

About 15,000 union members and construction workers showed their dislike for the Abbott government’s first federal budget by a protest on Thursday in Melbourne. The protesters demanded a stop to the budget cuts and other initiatives proposed by the Coalition…

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9 Ways to Prepare for Retirement

Being financially secure in retirement just doesn’t happen magically. It takes lots of planning, time and savings. Some scary facts about retirement: More than 50% of persons do not have enough finances for retirement. 25% do not participate in their company’s retirement…

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The Importance of Brokers to Business Owners

When can an insurance adviser add value to an enterprise? There are many occasions. Insurance brokers will tell you that as the experts in their field, more often than not they are best placed to calculate all potential risks and…

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Tech Start-ups Cheated by a Budget Without Vision

Treasurer Joe Hockey spoke about “firing up the economy”, and yet the budget he outlined was uninspiring and disappointing for entrepreneurs. There were some positive measures announced in tonight’s budget, particularly the $20 billion medical research endowment, which will spur…

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