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5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Job

For many first timers entering the work force, the reality of finding a job can seem bleak. As such, it is commonplace for those seeking employment to desperately grasp onto the first opportunity that lands in their lap.  While this…

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How Your Local Community Can Help Your Business

When considering your business space and resources, it is easy to consider the needs of the business first and foremost, and forget the amount of potential your business has outside of that. Regardless of your company’s focus, the very space…

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Adapting Your Management Style to Suit Your Team

Several different styles of management exist, and each individual manager has a different relationship with each of their subordinates. Autocratic managers take charge of the decision making and simply pass on these verdicts to their employees. Permissive managers work alongside…

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Connecting With Your Customers

For every business interested in actively engaging with trends to stay fresh and current, connecting to customers and clients and what they want is essential. Consumer trends may appear arbitrary and confusing if the context and values behind those choices…

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Flexible Work

It requires keen management and an open mind, however, in today’s world, even the smallest of steps towards a more flexible workplace is considered a step in the right direction. If your current working environment is already one that is…

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Keep Your Business Current in 2017

The start of the new year brings many things. For most of us, this means a new start, a clean slate and the ability to move forward. Whether this ends up being the case, the mindset it provides us with…

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4 Steps to a Positive Workplace

Establishing a positive workplace environment is easier said than done. It can be difficult to sustain a consistently positive atmosphere. But it is vital that you do, it benefits the employer, employees, and the overall success of the business.  …

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Igniting Our Potential – Ego & Accountability

Do you find yourself saying things like ‘if I had tried, I would have graduated top of my class’, ‘if I really wanted to I could be CEO’, ‘I could do a better job than __ if I was ready’?…

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