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Branding Your Business: Honesty & Transparency

Branding Your Business: Honesty & Transparency

In today’s day and age, consumers accept and expect dishonestly and deception to accompany the branding and marketing of a business. The image elicited is that of a corporate drone or a soulless opportunist, doing anything for a buck at the expense of a naive or gullible consumer. Innocent customers being left with a substandard good or service, felling cheated and foolish.

Why is this narrative evoked? Why are all salespeople entering a world already polluted with such a bitter reputation? Well, firstly it would be due to the process of industrialisation, and by extension the value of excessive charm and magnetism which correlated with business success heavily at the time. The shift during this time from the value of virtue and transparency – to charisma and confidence, became a supposed necessary progression for business success….

However these days, the saturation of this perspective of those in business means that what is valued in business is shifting back. Industrial nations thrive on small businesses, meaning that what consumers now seek more than anything, is simplicity, virtue and honesty.

Here are some more steps you can take to pursue an honest business endeavour and the advantages that will ensue…

  1. Reputation

If you want your business to stand out, and to catch consumers off guard – then challenge that unsavoury notion by being direct and frank. Using deception and dishonesty as a marketing tactic will always fail you and do you and your business a major disservice in the end. You will not maintain a regular clientele and your business will soon garner a reputation for being one void of credibility and integrity, as opposed to one you can opening communicate with and trust. Reputations such as the former, almost always accompany an element of permanence, such a perception isn’t temporary.

  1. Sincerity

Run your business with values that are congruent with the ones you apply to your personal life. Always maintain and exude authenticity, even if you think it will compromise profit. Profit will be compromised more so when you’re regarded as unscrupulous and insincere.

  1. Strive for transparency, not perfection

Whilst instilling customer confidence is important… it is also important to not present as overly polished and overcompensate with an idyllic sense of fabricated perfection. Be honest with what your business can actually provide, instead of lying or twisting the truth in order to gain customer satisfaction. When you mislead someone to have high expectations of your business, only to present with a lower standard – they will be disappointed and value your good/service even less that it may be worth.

  1. Commitment and respect

Honesty will result in your customers and employees respecting your journey. A foundation built on the truth means your staff and clients will be personally invested in your mission and commit to assisting you with it. Short term gratification founded on dishonestly can’t compare with long term commitment.

Brand your business by personifying it. Give it a voice, personality and character. Have its disposition be one with earnest integrity.