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8 Reasons Why Talent And Passion Trump Money When It Comes To Happiness

8 Reasons Why Talent And Passion Trump Money When It Comes To Happiness

Times are tough. The economy is rough, living expenses are high, our needs are many and our wants are more. We want this, that and a little bit of everything else.

We want to go to the hottest joints in town, hang with the classiest of friends and have drinks with the most complicated of names. We want to keep up with the Joneses and we want everyone to flatter us with praises at pretentious school reunions.

We do what we have to do. We take any job we can get. We hustle hard. We do it because it pays well. We lose our social lives because of it. We want to impress our families. We want to look good in suits.

But mostly, we want the money to buy us many lovely things. Ultimately, is it really worth it?

Here are eight reasons to consider talent and passion more than the money:

1. Money is like a guest:

It comes and goes. Today you have it, tomorrow you don’t. Talent is forever.

2. While money is an external motivator, passion is not.

If you only dream of plays at night, then you know you’ve found what you were born to do. Hospital bills are expensive and can be depressing, but talent and passion can be motivating and exciting.

3. The world has to experience what you can give.

There are only so many artists in the world; it is waiting for your special touch. Do not rob the world of this.

4. Your circle — eventually, you will find it.

You will spot the relatives with whom you have the most in common, the mentors who will help you grow, the careers that are meant for you and the friends who are meant to be yours.

You will find your people, your clan, those who share your dreams, ideals, inspirations and visions. You will find your people and when you do, your journey will get so much better.

5. Health.

Doing a job you hate for the sake of money will suck the life out of you. It will torture you, consume you and distress you. It will frustrate you and even potentially plague you with depression or an anxiety disorder.

6. It all falls into place.

Remember, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” It’s true. Be true to yourself. Do your own thing. Practice.

Work on yourself, with dedication and commitment. Study those who have gone before you. Put in the extra hours. Research, learn and ask. Do what you have to do, because with talent, passion and hard work, all else falls into place as it should. The stars will align if you do your part.

7. The rich also cry.

Mansions, cars and loaded wallets do not signify success. Success comes from fulfillment. Fulfillment resides in talent and passion. Money is a common byproduct of this and should always remain as such.

8. Happiness.

When all is said and done, this is the one thing we are all after.

We all want to wake up and appreciate some sunshine; we want to be excited for Monday mornings; we all want to look at our lives and know we are in good places. Money — even lots of it — does not provide it.

Rather, talent and passion are the key ingredients to happiness.


*Original Article by Yvonne Aoll:

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