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7 Essential Time Saving Tools Every Online Entrepreneur Needs

7 Essential Time Saving Tools Every Online Entrepreneur Needs

As an entrepreneur, there is usually something fighting for your time and stealing away your attention. It’s difficult, you have a lot going on. And you need to learn the multiple aspects of your business as you keep moving forward.

So to better yourself, you soak up productivity tips and look for ways to get more done in less time in order to keep your venture running smoothly. With today’s online resources, you now don’t have to. It’s just a matter of having the right tools in your toolbox.

Here are seven essential online platforms that all entrepreneurs/business should have in their arsenal:

  1. Wrike
  2. DrumUp
  3. Rignite
  4. Rival IQ
  5. Brand24
  6. Landing Page Creator
  7. CoSchedule


  1.  Wrike

Wrike is an online project management system. Its purpose is to keep you in contact with your staff while you are away.  If your team members have iPhone and Android apps, you’ll always be able to stay connected with them and your virtual assistants where ever you go.

Since most people’s workplace base is one location, it becomes easy to track progress and manage resources centrally. In short, you stay productive despite the distance between you and your team.

  1. DrumUp

DrumUp gives recommendations for your social media posts based on the keywords you add in to your profile. This means you want to choose the right keywords (or brand names that you want to follow), to ensure that exciting stories appear in your feed. As a busy entrepreneur, you know it can get hard to feed fresh content to your customers and audience. That’s where and why DrumUp is so useful.

You can add negative keywords to remove any ambiguity from your suggestions. You also have the option to add custom posts, which can be used to schedule your company’s specific promotions and updates.

DrumUp is a simple and efficient social media content management tool that keeps your social media presence active, while you focus on the core concerns of your venture.


  1. Rignite

Rignite is a go-to social media dashboards to control and monitor your social media activities all in one place.

The software enables you to grow your following, boost engagement and win sales, with close to no hassle. Key features include:

  • Run end-to-end social media campaigns across multiple networks
  • Get campaign level reporting to know what’s working
  • Monitor and engage from a single dashboard
  • Schedule posts – individually, or as a series
  • Save time spent on social with team collaboration feature

Rignite lets you schedule campaigns/posts/updates, through a guided social media strategy. A great part of the Campaign feature is you can set a campaign to schedule a series of posts, host contests, grow your lists, and give away promo codes. Making it a great social marketing tool which allows you to take charge of your marketing.

For example, you can set a series of posts to promote your new product across multiple social media platforms, and at a chosen day and time. You can then monitor how your campaigns are doing and even A/B test for the best one.


  1. Rival IQ

Is a Marketing service which will enable you to become a smarter and more competitive marketer. Rival IQ provides market and competitor analysis of social media, SEO keywords and web content. A market “landscape” in Rival IQ is a collection of companies to track for a comparative or competitive analysis.

Each Landscape consists of companies which you would like to track or analyse or benchmark to learn from. You can review changes in your competitors’ websites and social profiles, too. Simply set your own website as the “focus” company and add more companies, to create a comparative landscape.

There are many options to generate deep-analysis reports for six social media networks such as cross-channel, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. For example on Twitter, you can learn which influencers are talking about you and/or your competition, and follow key mentioners straight from the tool.


  1. Brand24

Brand24 is a powerful, easy and cost-effective way to keep up to date with what is being said about your business online.

Providing great insights that allow you to identify and analyse conversations about your company. It allows you to be present when most needed. It is an essential platform for building customer satisfaction and gaining leads through online conversations.

Brand24 is a reliable monitoring and social media analytics, this makes it a must-have and cost effective solution for all business sizes.


  1. Landing Page Creator

Get Response’s Landing Page Creator is a great DIY landing page tool that doesn’t require any web design coding knowledge. Its very user friendly and you can create a great page within minutes. The tool not only has built-in forms, a responsive design (which means your pages will automatically adjust for a mobile platform), an image editor and A/B testing capacity, but also provide 100 free template to choose from.


  1. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a handy drag-and-drop calendar for your blog and social media, a tool found inside the blog building website WordPress.

You can find all your blog posts, editorial comments, unpublished posts and team assignments all in one place. Many blogger-entrepreneurs find it an easy to use CoSchedule for their guest-posting calenders.


Implementing some of these essential tools will boost the productivity of your business. Freeing up your time to concentrate on the more important things.

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